Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom's Sayings - Happy Mother's Day!

Mom's Sayings
My mom has always been telling me these sayings since I was a little girl. Even if they're brainwashed into me, I still struggle with some (especially 2, 3 and 6). Her most common sayings:
  1. Always try your best, even if you don't get the best results
  2. Sit straight
  3. Always be humble 
  4. Enjoy every moment
  5. Be wise like a fox! 
  6. Use your common sense!!
  7. Always give thanks 
  8. Invite God into every part of your life (when you're drawing, driving, making decisions, etc.)
  9. Have big dreams
  10. Give everything up to God, but do your portion to the best of your ability
  11. Share your blessings, and it will come back to you multiplied
  12. I love you
For my mom's mother's day gift, I painted Umgie on a garden pot using acrylics, then planted some succulents:

Umgie wanted to get into the shot too:

Happy Mother's Day!

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