Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shelf Life!

At University of Southern California's Visions and Voices event, "SHELF LIFE, A Big Day for Small Press."

Notebooks and cards I made in my dorm room and
during extra studio hours :)

Thanks again for everyone who came by!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get Ready

I'm super excited.

Little Seed at SHELF LIFE

Little Seed will be a vendor for the first time at the University of Southern California's Visions and Voices event, SHELF LIFE!

Harris Hall Courtyard

We are please to present this freewheeling bazaar of smart, fun, cool, strange, beautiful, outrageous, rare, limited, low-run, hard-to-find, much-coveted, and bound-to-become-important books, magazines, and objects from many of the finest independent artists, publishers, and vendors around. With a DJ set by Wendy Yao from Ooga Booga. Oh, and did we mention the taco truck?

I Want to Send My Love

God's love is great. If you send your love up to Him, He usually responds with even more love in return. Hallelujah!

"I want to send my love... and I hope my heart gets to Him."

A page from the sketchbook

To purchase, I want to Send My Love,
visit Little Seed's Etsy shop!

Story Summary: Grady

The story of Grady communicates a simple message. The more you give thanks, the happier you will be. Chirp chirp!

"The more Grady gave thanks, the happier he became."

A page from the sketchbook

This month's storynote, Grady.


Rocco (previously known as Watt's Web) is a story about a raccoon who is on a mission to catch bad thoughts with his web.

"Watt only caught the bad thoughts, and the creatures liked him for it."

A page from the sketchbook - the early stages