Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY: Washi Tape Q.T. Journals

Had the opportunity to make some Q.T. journals with some of my girls over the weekend. A Q.T. (quiet time) journal is for collecting your thoughts during your "quiet" or meditative time reading and studying God's Word. Since Q.T. journals can become very personal, we decided to personalize them from the very start!

• Moleskin Cahier Notebook
• A variety of washi tape
• Scissors
• Stickers or other decorative elements
• A Q.T. guide print out (optional)

1. Began by layering different types of washi tape on both sides of the journal cover

2. Printed and cut "Quiet Time Guides" - Available for download here 

3. Taped the "Quiet Time Guide" onto the inside cover of the journal

4. Finished off by trimming the edges and decorating with sticker initials, etc.

Some snapshots of our workshop:


Martha Gasque said...

Hi! I'm having trouble getting to the quiet time guide. Is there another way to get it?

Thanks for all you share!

Sarah J Lee said...

The link should work now :) Also try this link:

Thank you for pointing this out!

Martha Gasque said...

Great, thank you! :-)

Sarah J Lee said...

my pleasure, enjoy! :D