Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Grandmother

(From Angels)

My grandmother recently passed away peacefully with my family around her singing her favorite hymns.

Though I never had any deep conversations with her due to her quiet nature and a language barrier, she inspired me in the most moving ways. I want to share one story:

It was when I was visiting her in the hospital with my mom. She was having urinary problems, so we had to repeatedly assist her to use the restroom. She also had trouble using her hands, so we had to hand feed her the porridge my mom brought for her. To me, she appeared so weak and helpless in the hospital room. But as soon as we tucked her in after she finished the porridge and made one more visit to the restroom, she sighed and said, "I'm so happy! Thank you God!" Then she started singing praises.

I was so shocked and surprised by what she said. Here I was, complaining earlier that day about petty things in my life while my grandma, in her ill state was able to joyfully sing and give thanks to God.

My grandma was never short on smiles, she was always giving away delicious food she made, so full of love, and her faith...inspiring.

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The Snail said...

Nice, good story. I'm totally serious, helped put things back into perspective for me :) Thanks.