Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sheila's Sweaters

Sheila had the softest wool among all the sheep. Her wool was so soft, other animals described it to be "like a cloud," and "heavenly."

One day, the master had to make a special sweater. He took Sheila, and sheared all of her gorgeous wool.

In her shock and sadness, Sheila hid her nakedness from the other animals. But the master understood Sheila and gave her a sweater made from her own wool.

As Sheila stepped out uncertainly in her new sweater, the other animals came to “oohh” and “aahh” at her new look. Everyone was amazed at how Sheila's wool could become something even more beautiful.

When Sheila's wool grew back, the master came to shear her wool again. But Sheila was not afraid, because she knew she could wear her sweater again. 

Not only that, but Sheila's fear was replaced by wonder and joy when she saw her wool being transformed into all kinds of sweaters.

Over time, the other animals also received sweaters made of Sheila’s wool, and everyone was able to enjoy the beauty and softness of Sheila’s sweaters.


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