Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Cloud Maker

The cloud maker had an important task. She was responsible for
creating clouds for different seasons, weather, and times.

Her favorite part was creating clouds for when the sun would set. 

Once she made the clouds, the wind would carry them away to
different parts of the earth. But one day, there was no wind.

Worried and discouraged, the cloud maker stopped making clouds and waited for
the wind. She waited and waited, until finally, an important gust of wind came.

But there were not enough clouds to generate enough rain for the earth,
and the creatures suffered.

 "If only I had not stopped!" the cloud maker sadly thought to herself.
 From then on, the cloud maker never stopped making clouds. 

That is why if you fly high enough, you will see an endless sea of clouds.

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사론 said...

this is so touching and cute :')