Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shelf Life 2

This weekend, we were part of USC Roski School of Fine Arts and Visions and Voices' Shelf Life 2, an event featuring an influential group of independent publishers, artists, writers, and designers.

Animated on cinemagram
I was there with Katherine from Woot Factory and AIGA USC
Katherine's felted hearts! <3
Always nice to visit campus :)
My raffle ticket. I didn't win, but it was awesome hearing Chip Kidd's talk and reconnecting with my previous design instructors, other alumni and students. I definitely was inspired by the event...and now I'm even more excited to make more things! :)


helen said...

Sarah! Can I get a zine somehow?! I wasn't able to make it to shelf life. Loving the table set up. Much love, Helen.

Little Seed said...

Sure! I have "Rocco," "My Little Tree" and "Fly." Let me know which one and I can reserve a listing for you on Etsy :) Missed you at Shelf Life!