Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser Art Exhibition

Little Seed's "Pray for Japan" illustration is being featured in Koreatown Galleria's newspaper advertisements, posters and banners for the Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser Art Exhibition:

The project was completely unexpected. They asked me a few days before the exhibition if they could use Little Seed's "Pray for Japan" art, of Amy's heart and everyone's love covering the symbol of Japan. Then in a few days, it was out there!

It's a real honor being able to contribute this way!


stephanie said...

Love reading about bloggers from cali! It's great what you're doing! Keep it up :)

Sarah J Lee said...

Thank you Stephanie for your kind and encouraging words! :)

sy said...

Saw this at the market yesterday and then ran into your mom haha

I thought it was really cute X)

Sarah J Lee said...

My mom said she saw you too hahah :) thanks Sy!