Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shine - Full Story

In the heavens was a small star.

The star was so small that not many people on Earth had ever seen it, as it was outshone by bigger and brighter stars.

One night, all the starry hosts were silent to watch a newborn child sleeping in a manger.

Then God asked the stars, "Who will come forth and shine their light for those who seek to worship the newborn King?"

In response, big stars, bright stars, and beautiful stars came forth declaring their light shone the brightest.

The small star also wanted to shine for the newborn King, but it knew that it was not bright enough to do the task on its own.

Then God noticed the small star, and said, "why don't you shine with the light I provide?"

With amazement and joy, the small star came forward and lit the night sky with God's light...

...and as it shined, the starry host joined in and together they rejoiced in the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior King.

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