Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Anniversary GIVEAWAY!

On February 22, Little Seed will reach its first anniversary!
To celebrate, Little Seed will be giving away three storynote & greeting card sets. See the image above or read the description below for details!

“I Want to Send My Love” storynote & card set
“Sharon’s Rose” storynote & card set
“My Little Tree” storynote & card set

How to Enter
1. Comment on this blog post stating your favorite Little Seed story/character
2. To increase your chances of winning, twitter, facebook, or blog about Little Seed and post up the link on this blogpost!

The 3 winners will be announced on the website in one week - Monday, Feb. 22
They will be contacted that day via email and the storynotes will be shipped that week!

* Make sure your username is identifiable, so we can contact you if you win!


Arlene said...

I love "My Little Tree" because it's about mother daughter love!

wee trifles said...

My favorite Little Seed character is Umgie because the little worry wart finds peace.

Congratulations on Little Seed's very first birthday! Sarah you're soo talented!

Sarah J Lee said...

Thank you wee trifles, from both Umgie and myself! :)

libby said...

Sarah Lee is as sweet as all things Little Seed! Congrats to Sarah and Little Seed :) Happy first anniversary.

Sarah J Lee said...

Thank you Libby <3

becky said...

I think your designs are so beautiful.Good luck with this great adventure, I am sure you will be very successful soon! :)

Sarah J Lee said...

Thank you Becky, your words are very encouraging! I will keep trying my best!

Charlotte said...

My favorite Little Seed storynote was when Posie (I think that is her name) went to New York! That character is special edition!

Michelle Baik =) said...

My favorite Little Seed story is the one about LOVE! It's a great reminder of how the steadfast love of our Lord never ceases, and how our heart belongs to God! <3 Congrats Sarah Lee on the first anniversary of Little Seed!

Sarah J Lee said...

Hahah Charlotte, you mean Poppy in New York? That story IS special edition! ;)

And thanks for the congrats Michelle! <3

Tommy said...

Sarah, I am so proud of your success. Congratulations on reaching your 1st of many successful years ahead.

As an ocean lover, I think Nora is great. Keep doing wonderful things.

All the Best!
Professor Knapp

Brian Chung said...

I like Watt because I think good thoughts are the best thoughts to have!

Sarah J Lee said...

Thank you Professor, for your comment and all of the inspiring words you always share in class. I will try hard to reach that goal you set for Little Seed :)

Catherine Chen said...


I secretly follow your blog, but that's not so secret anymore. :P

I love all your storynotes! They're all so encouraging and adorable. I think my favorite would have to be "I send you my love." It's so true that when we send God our little love, He showers us with so much more. So beautiful. :)

And congrats on your 1 year anniversary! You're SOOOO talented! :)